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As hardware for the collection of biometric data our solutions are using the amplifiers from Becker Meditec. These products are based on years of experience in the field of acquisition of electric physiological parameters. Different parameters can be combined for universal recordings.


As stationary amplifier the Variolab meets all requirements for the measurement of different electrical biodata. GSR, ECG, pulse. Respiration and EEG up to 16 channels at the same time can also be measured in combination. The Variolab is particularly suitable in combination with the remote eye tracker products from Tobii.

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As mobile device for recording bioelectric signals the Varioport has long been used in various research institutions. In combination with the Tobii Glasses 2 it forms a comprehensive solution to collect data outside the laboratory environment.

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The newest and smallest product of the Varioport-family, but indeed comparable to its bigger brothers in performance and quality. With its dimensions of 65mm x 43mm and a weight of only 50g it is particularly well suited for use in environments where it comes to authenticity and where extensive technical equipment would constitute a disturbance of the experiment, for example in supermarkets or at fairs and exhibitions. Also the field of study of sports activities this unit is an ideal choice.

Especially in combination with the Tobii Glasses 2 this solution guarantees optimal authentic implementation, since the measuring devices do not disturb the subjects after a short time of getting used to them.

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