• Psychological Research

Physiological signals such as EEG, EMG, ECG, pulse rate or galvanic skin response give insight on reactions of the human body to certain stimuli. Especially in the field of visual stimuli the support by an eye-tracking system is especially recommended to record when the visual stimulus is actually perceived. Thus, it is possible to study the reactions specifically at the time of actual perception. The evidence of the results can thereby significantly increase. The synchronous recording of eye tracking and the physiological signals is an important aspect in this scenario.

For stationary experiments a combination of the following hardware and software is recommended:

  • Variolab amplifier for measuring GSR, EMG, ECG, pulse or EEG up to 16 channels
  • Tobii-Remote-Eyetracker
  • Biometric Software Suite Profesional for synchronization and data analysis

additionally also brain activity can be recorded and synchronized using NIRS equipment from our portfolio manufactured by the company Artinis.

For mobile experiments we recommend the use of the portable Varioport amplifier together with the Tobii Glasses 2 as mobile eye tracker.

Again, synchronization and analysis of data using the Biometric Software Suite Professional or Blickshift Analytics is possible.