• Mobile Device Testing

Digital Mobile Solution

Picture of a laptop fitted with a mobile device stand

The Digital Mobile Solution has a flexible stand and a special holder by REHAdapt (a Tobii Dynavox partner). The Digital Mobile Solution is optimized for the usage with the eye trackers Tobii Pro X2-30 and X2-60. The usage of Tobii Pro X3-120 is possible on request.

In combination with the Video Grabber Card by Epiphan and the HDMI converter HD Fury III the registered video signal can be viewed by the software. The Video Grabber Card is connected to the laptop via USB 3.0. The signal transfer is done via the HDMI converter HD Fury III. For the connection of the HDMI converter HD Fury III to the mobile device a special HDMI adapter is required, which is different depending on the mobile device, and therefore is not included in the package. For an Apple device for example an adapter Apple MD826ZM/A Lightning Digital AV is required, which for example can be found here.

Gestures and finger movements can be entered or logged as events during the recording as context information for an analysis afterwards. A parallel recording of the test respondents is also always possible via webcam. The webcam is not included in the Digital Mobile Solution package.

In both variants the registered data can be analysed and evaluated by the software Tobii Pro Studio or Tobii Pro Lab. Therefore, the scene-camera or the Video Grabber Card has to be chosen as video source within the software.

Of course, is it possible to use the Video Grabber Card in combination with the Mobile Device Stand (instead of the included scene-camera). We will be very happy to put together a packaged price for both variants together. In this case, the scene-camera for registering the gestures and finger movements, would be already included in the package.

Mobile Device Stand (Mobile Device Stand MDS2)

Picture of a Mobile Device Stand MDS2 in use

The data is registered via scene-camera above the mobile device. The Mobile Device Stand has to be attached to a desk for that purpose. Gestures and finger movement of the test respondent are registered via the scene-camera as well to be used as additional information via event marker in the analysing software of the eye tracker.

The Mobile Device Stand is optimized for the usage with the eye trackers Tobii Pro X2-30, X2-60 or X3-120. Special holders for tablets and mobile phones are included as well as a calibration board for manual calibration of test respondents. Additionally, a transport case for the unmounted Mobile Device Stand MDS2 is included in the package.