• Market Research

The measurement of emotional components in market research is becoming increasingly important. Since the emergence of methods in the field of neuromarketing at the beginning of the century traditional methods of interrogation are increasingly supplemented or in some cases even replaced by objective measurements of physiological parameters. Emotions are known to play a major role in the brand loyalty and can determine the success or failure of a campaign.

If you already use eyetracking for the analysis of your campaigns, this can be supplemented by the measurement of physiological data using the universal amplifier Variolab. You can analyze the measured data based on events detected by eyetracking with the software packages Biometric Software Suite Professional or Blickshift Analytics.

For tests at the point-of-sales, the use of the mobile amplifier Varioport and the measurement of brain activity using the NIRS system portalite as a complement to mobile eye tracking is recommended.