Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Denmark's national broadcasting corporation DR (Danmarks Radio) is using eye tracking in combination with biometric measurement to get a deeper insight into their viewers' opinions. A detailed report can be read on the Tobii Website.

The researchers used a Tobii Pro X2-60 eye tracker, VarioLab recorder for GSR measurement and the Biometric Software Suite for signal synchronisation and analysis.

The German Heart Center Berlin

The German Heart Center Berlin is a specialized hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. It applies Glasses2Varioport and supports us with their experiences.

FH Westküste

The FH Westküste (University of Applied Sciences) is researching in the area of market research. The focus is the behaviour of persons as consumers. The resulting knowledge of this behaviour research are the scientific basis for various regional and supraregional projects. The FH Westküste supports us with their knowledge.