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The Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) series by Wearable Sensing integrates QUASAR’s revolutionary dry electrode technology that acquires clean EEG signals without compromising on signal quality. The DSI EEG signals are comparable to those obtained from wet electrode systems. From the series of Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) we offer the models DSI 7, DSI 24 and VR300.

The DSI wireless EEG headsets are compatible with Biometric Software Suite and CAPTIV-NeuroLab.


The DSI wireless EEG headsets are designed for speed and ease of use and is comfortable for wearing continuously during long-lasting use. The fields of application are research, neurofeedback, neuromarketing, neuroergonomics, brain-computer interfaces, biometrics, augmented cognition, cognitive stress or workload monitoring, psychological research, sports peak-performance training and more.

DSI 7 Dry Electrode EEG Headset:

  • 7 sensors positioned at the F3, F4, C3, C4, Pz, P3, P4 locations of the 10-20 International System
  • customizable sensor locations contact us for custom requests
  • adjustable to fit a wide range of head sizes
  • no prep, no gel
  • mobile and wireless in office or laboratory environment
  • comfortable for wearing continuously over 8 hours
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission with sampling at 300 Hz

DSI 24

The DSI-24 is robust to electrical and motion artifacts. The wireless DSI-24 is headset designed for rapid application and easy to use, motions in real test situations and comfortable for wearing. The fields of applications are research, neurofeedback, brain-computer interfaces, neuromarketing and more.

DSI 24 Dry EEG Headsets:

  • up to 21 EEG Channels
  • no prep, no gels
  • mobile and wireless
  • comfortable for wearing

DSI VR300 dry electrode EEG system with VR-Integration

The wireless DSI VR300 enables fast and easy use and is designed for P300 applications and VR integration. The system comprises of Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) sensors combined with the HTC-Vive VR headset developed by Neurable. Sensors can be individually adjusted to optimize contact impedance. The HTC-Vive VR headset allows for rapid integration of P300 elements into a VR environment.


  • uncompromising signal quality
  • practical EEG
  • intuitive Software included
  • VR Interface by Neurable

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