• Biometric Software Suite

The Biometric Software Suite represents the link between the various hardware products which are used to measure physiological parameters. It provides several functions:

Data Synchronization during Recording

Different data sources use different sampling rates and recordings are usually not started in a time-synchronized way. Moreover especially on computers without realtime operating system it can not be guaranteed, that the time stamps are recorded identical. The Biometric Software Suite provides the MultiSync tool for simultaneous sending of synchronization markers to different systems and thus the subsequent discovery of common time points in the data. The markers can be transmitted both in hardware as well as via TCP/IP.

Synchronized Data Import

Using the synchronization markers which were sent during recording it is possible to synchronously import the data from various sources into a single data set for later analysis in the Biometric Software Suite. A wizard supports this process simultaneously for all subjects of an experiment in a simple manner.


With the Biometric Software Suite Professional numerous analysis functions are available after the synchronized data import:

  • Frequency and smoothing filter
  • Detection of characteristic patterns for GSR analysis
  • FFT using a sliding window for analysis of frequency bands in the EEG
  • Determination of heart rate
  • Calculation of metrics and statistics based on stimulus-categories